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  Dear leaders:


  Let me take this cover letter I wish you best wishes and sincere work and good luck!

  I am a chemical Hunan Vocational and Technical College 05 professional biochemical process of a student about to graduate. DENG Hao name, I, with a sincere heart and pursuit of the cause, in good faith recommend your own.

  Three years in school, I did not feel wasted. I learned a lot not only knowledge, but also to improve the quality of their own, college, in life as a member of the class, have been teachers and students alike. This chain of my work and organization and management ability of a high degree of my sense of responsibility. I pay attention to quality, and actively participate in school activities, when the sophomore basketball team participated in the Department work together with students from the whole of the fourth house, when the junior grades the first game.

  Professional areas: proficiency in biochemistry, microbiology, cell biology, enzyme engineering and fermentation technology courses and other important principles of the theory, do experiments to understand its basic operation and applications.

  Computer areas: learning and familiar with the Windows XP operating system platform, Office2003 Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). AutoCAD2007 graphic design, etc.

  However, this does not satisfy my thirst for knowledge, students at the same time I understand that the strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I apply for schools Nongda Hunan food自考undergraduate engineering, but also the examination and obtained the chemical analysis of evidence. I have to improve their level of education as well as ability to pay attention to social practice, the cold, the summer in between my coach and served as conductor of KTV establishments, develop their own communication and the ability of different people, summer vacation this year, I also learn and apply for a car to drive card, but a matter of time only as a result of examination of two subjects (also due to a road test).

  Easy-going personality in life, I have a good habit, I am confident but not arrogant. In a life full of energy most of the time, I hope that in the wider world to demonstrate their talents in the hope has been tempered in practice and improve. So I hope you can join. I will do a good job down the job of their own to do its utmost to work to obtain good results!

  Low job-seekers holding a book, read the mind of self-confidence sincere, thank you for your busy schedule to give my attention, your company would like to record breaking achievement, and wish your career and life are smooth.

  I eagerly look forward to hearing from you. Thanks



  Respect leadership:

  Bank personal cover letter

  Hello. The bank has been a good image in the social reputation, I am about to graduate, if there is a chance is willing to your company can effect a modest! My name is XXX, graduated from the China University of Mining and Technology, was studying financial management specialty. The following is my personal letter of introduction.

  I to your bank for some basic understanding. As a newcomer students finish their studies, I have the confidence to accept the social test and the challenge from its own. During my college study hard, strict demands on themselves, respect for teachers, and actively participate in various activities organized by the school. On weekdays, and teachers and students live together in peace together. In English, passed Band Four six examination. I know, the bank clerk is the need to have a strong sense of responsibility, practice. Therefore, in school period, I tried a different practice and work. I do Secretary, did the promotion, has made the family, worked as a waitress, different occupation has given me a different experience let me gradually from a silly little girl into an independent thinking, problem solving skill and teamwork spirit. In order to remain invincible in the work, do a better job.

  I hope to go to your bank to work, to learn the theory of combination of knowledge and practice, so that their life can have a qualitative leap. I believe that your bank is whole image, management mode, working atmosphere will be more attractive to me in my mind, is the pursuit of the ideals and goals.

  We enclosed a copy of my resume, hope to be able to notice will have the opportunity to meet.

  Sincerely yours


  Respect for competent:


  I am guangdong light vocational technical college of accounting professional a graduating student. I am honored to have the opportunity to present my personal data in society, in order to find his professional and interested in the job, better use of their talents, to achieve their life values, and give you a recommendation.

  My name is XXX, 1985, was born in a beautiful coastal city of chaozhou. The local conditions and customs of simple home made careful I sincerely, is my faith, the hobby is widespread, challenge, active, and healthy, open and bright, optimistic, sincere, caring and willing to study, perseverance, love is my characteristic, good professional knowledge and a strong sense of team work is my life's first wealth.

  The university three years, I notice the basic knowledge of learning, and individual ability. In the school strict instructive and personal efforts, I have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, comprehensive and systematic completed including financial and accounting, the budget accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, and accounting information system, a series of accounting professional courses, English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, Familiar with the basic operation of the computer and software operating, Understand the basic etiquette foreign work. At the same time, the use spare time widely read all kinds of books, horizons, increase

  Long experience, enriching themselves, a wide range of skills, let oneself can follow the pace of The Times. In addition, many use summer school experience such time out in society, several different natures of the part-time job, let oneself in close contact with society and life, learning to communicate with people, to get out of the society in the new environment as soon as possible after ready to society. During school, served as the minister, class as competitive person, busy working for others, let me learn how to better service, let me know how to efficient work, let me get precious

  The organization management planning experience, let his eloquence and daring get good exercise, but also in the department of debating contest champions.

  I love my choice of accounting professional and sincerely hope that you can be in the lead and guidance for the career, for you, contributes an own strength, and work in the process of self, expertise and realize their life values. Opportunities for preparation, and I have prepared. Hope you can give me a chance. Whatever you choose whether finally

  Choose me, please accept my sincere gratitude!

  Wish your business!